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The Garden... is managed by city staff. There is a Garden Manager assisted by three full time and three part-time staff who work in conjunction with the Mayor’s Citizens Advisory Committee. This committee was created to ensure citizen input into the use of a public garden and it forms the policy for this usage. The City staff has the task of implementing and monitoring these established policies and procedures after they have been approved by the Board of Public Works and the City Council. Policy decisions are made by Board after receiving input from the Advisory Committee and Bureau of Sanitation. The day to day routine management decisions are made by the garden office..

~ Gene Greene

He is the Garden Manager and Landscape Architect, functions as a program coordinator for the garden and liaison to the Advisory Committee. Gene also oversees the docent/volunteer program, site security services as well as filming/movie industry activities at the site. Manager of landscape services section for Bureau of Sanitation, Gene has been with the Garden since "before dirt'' and assisted Dr. Kawana throughout the planning and construction of the Japanese Garden.



* * *   * * *

~ Betty Ethridge

Garden Coordinator, has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, coordinates with individuals having special events (weddings, etc.) in the Japanese Garden as well as with the docents and Advisory on projects such as new brochures, the Garden calendar, guidebooks, etc. Betty also takes care of routine clerical and administration matters.




* * *   * * *

~ Patrick Rigney

He is the Assistant Garden Manager, Landscape Architect, directs, and supervises maintenance and construction for Garden related projects. He is responsible for the design of bureau wide projects for the landscape services section and implements and develops expansion of the existing Garden program. Patrick was voted employee of the year for the entire Bureau and is our master float builder for Canoga Memorial Day Parade.



* * *   * * *

~ Melanie Schuyler & Lori Stewart

They are our Tour Coordinators. They will be the ones to greet you and help you to schedule a tour or give the times for open strolling. They arrange docents for tours without a scheduled guide and deal with initial inquiries from customers wishing to schedule special events. Both have extensive backgrounds in public relations, and both assist with general administration tasks when not otherwise engaged.



* * *   * * *

~ Julius Luna

He is our Office Engineering Technician. His duties include; following up on invoices and billing, develop database for the facility, developing the scan/inventory system for the gift shop, research into comparative facilties in order to evaluate our own, as well as a great deal of work on our graphic projects such as the Garden Calendar and brochures using our newly expanded graphics capabilities.




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~ Staff

The garden is staffed by a minimum of four, full-time (40 hours/week) gardeners, plus one supervisor. Additional staff is called in seasonally or as necessary. They maintain the entire site including the two acre parking lot, the six and one half acre garden, and the four acre levy. There are also two part-time specialized tree pruners who spend an average of 80 hours each month to maintain the one hundred and twenty-three black pine trees.

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